For our first event on 24 October 2017, we secured some excellent speakers to share their knowledge and insights with us.  


Professor Paul Gately is the founder and driver of MoreLife and has presented a number of television programmes to help increase public awareness on healthy weight. Professor Fiona McQueen, the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland, has led by example by taking positive steps herself to achieve a healthy weight.


Group activities and guided discussions

In the morning we undertook a service safari, identifying the barriers and opportunities to achieving healthy weight. In the afternoon we were joined by Dundee organisations who engage people around a host of different behaviour challenges in interesting ways. From cooking lessons to app developers - these contributors shared experiences from which we can learn and make connections. Overall, the day emphasised collaborative creativity in terms of understanding issues and identifying strategies and initiatives for change.


Starting a movement

This event aimed to kick start a movement in the city to design healthy weight. As part of this we asked every participant to pledge how they will take forward the issues raised in the event.

Telling the story

This website tells the story of the event and keeps the momentum going. We have collate all social media from the day which can be accessed from here. We are also working with digital storyteller Dr Jennifer Jones who filmed short video interviews with speakers and participants. These are also posted here.




We asked participants what they liked, what they didn't like and what they learned from the day. Below are their responses.

I liked


Professor Paul Gately’s speech

Meeting a range of professionals and discussing local initiatives I otherwise would not have been aware of.

Meeting people from across services in Dundee and finding out how much is actually out there.

Paul's talk. I found this inspiring.

Great speakers and networking to fire up the idea generator in Dundee.

Networking and speakers.

A chance to meet other local organisations.

Learning about various projects which should be connected to my work.

Moving around to different groups during the day to interact with different individuals.

The fact that it was an example of a housing meeting.

Love Fiona McQueen’s personal and professional presentation.


Paul gate leads to poor hammered home the reality of the obesity problem.

Mixture of presentations and group work.

I really liked Paul Gately’s presentation. He was really engaging and had a lot of great points and ideas.

Positive engagement and promises of help.

The commitment and caring outlook of all I met.

The video, courage personified and so aluminising. Messages in it must be pivotal in any developments.

Getting out and about for a walk. Really gave a good insight as to Dundee as a city centre.

Learning about all the fantastic work happening in Dundee.

The wealth of knowledge I have received from others.

Paul Gately’s insights.

Different range of people. Design perspective. Enterprise. Recognition we need to do things differently.

Everyone coming together with a common purpose. Together we can do more.

Keynote speakers talk about obesity and how to tackle this collaboratively.

The speakers and the service Safari.

The Safari was really fun and educational. Lunch was also awesome.

Healthy lunch! Opportunities to network.

What's the speakers have to say.

Lunch was delicious.

For that style of sessions. Lived experience of Fiona McQueen.


I liked hearing about local initiatives.

Professor Paul Gately’s talk.

There are so many people from so many organisations with the same goals.

I like the Safari and hearing the feedback.

Lunch, networking, hearing about technology and design.

Multi agency approach to the day. Paul challenged my viewpoint.


Eye-opening. Interactive. Informative. Healthy lunch.

The healthy food at lunchtime!!

Love the format of the day and the interaction with many people from lots of organisations.

The service Safari and thinking about healthy weight from other perspectives.

Meeting arranged people from different backgrounds and commitment to joining the dots.

All speakers. Networking. New diverse ways of thinking.

Safari. Great to walk in others shoes.

What a service safari is, and beneficial it is for understanding others realities.

Paul Gately talked about how the complexities and how many things are not helping the very people we are trying to help.

Opportunity to listen and discuss housing weight in Dundee.

Format of the day.

I like everything but especially the Safari. A bit of an eye-opener.

Everybody's passion! People really care.

Meeting and chatting to lots of great people.

Professor Paul Gately. Liked very much.

The links and conversations.

The Safari.

Interaction and practical experience. Service Safari and roundtable discussion.

Safari. Getting out for a walk, great to chat really considering what the challenges are in walking in the city.

Wide range and knowledge of presenters. Networking opportunities.

Paul Gately’s insight.


The quality and variety of speakers. They were all inspirational.

The wide range of delegates. The variety of networking opportunities.

The service Safari, very eye-opening.

The variations of activities and ways of connecting with people.

The service Safari and diverse mix of participants.


I didn’t like


The focus on being overweight. Being underweight can be just as problematic. Have to be careful the way things are worded.



Couldn’t meet all the guest table hosts.

People affected by overweight and obesity not being here.

Conversation circled around nutrition with not enough on physical activity.

That we focussed totally on addressing issues surrounding overweight and obesity. More needs to be done in providing support for those who are underweight also as they are not healthy either.

Not getting enough time to connect, exchange contact details of more people.

Time to design new ideas for Dundee. We heard a lot about what is happening, but may be a missed opportunity for other ideas to be created.

Wished for more opportunity to cement the creative thinking. Bring on the design jam!


Would have been good to develop a broad strategy or action plan to move forward from today. Plus agreement to plan another day like this.

Soup too salty. Lack of local food options. Lack of education engagement at management level.

I didn't know the scale of the obesity problem.

Feedback slot too long and repetitive.

Not enough designing or actions. More of a brainstorm reflection event.

I would have liked to have chosen my table in the afternoon.

Roundtable discussions.

Talking points from speakers could've been assessed in a different way.

Disheartened to hear businesses find it difficult to work in partnership with the NHS.

There was nothing I didn't like but could we please have a list of delegates that would've helped at the start.

Too many talks and presentations. Time to be used to make connections.

Roundtable summing up took too long.

Sitting at the front, trying to see the speaker and the slides. Sore neck but it's okay now so it's fine.

That we couldn't hear from all guest speakers.

Not having an opportunity to share ideas on how we go forward.

The presumption that there shouldn't be anything considered unhealthy food for lunch. Is a presumption that we have had too much sugary stuff or fattening stuff. For me it would've been a nice treat to have had a biscuit.

All the posters and feedback and no idea what is going to lead to.

At times the feeling that you're being photographed was a bit offputting.

Difficulty hearing the discussions around the table at roundtable discussion. Table 9 lots of talking behind us.

Not getting to hear all the 10 roundtable speakers.

The end with feedback from talks was very uninformative. The talks were great.


No educational personnel to give their views on situations.

The last sum up of table conversations was boring.

I didn't like the food gluten free vegan (no food for me).


The lack of action points from today's event. Maybe I'll get this from the plenary?

Some presentations didn't really give us enough of changing or improving healthy weight.

The awkwardness with people that take the microphone.

Shocking statistics for both childhood and adult obesity.

There was nothing I did not enjoy.

I didn't like hearing obesity statistics.

The heating could do with being cooler.

People who were forced to come here by employers.

It was mainly based on children and adults need to be focused on too.

The obvious lack of cheap healthy foods available around the city centre.

Only hearing from three of the speakers. I wanted to hear from everyone!


I learned


Took a lot from Paul Gately.

The focus doesn't have to be on co-morbidities of obesity more around how it is affecting children's lives and self-esteem.

The divides. Lots of projects. Little join up.

Will research the local initiatives I have learned about today and trying to make connections through our service. Teamwork makes the dream come true.

Obese children have a lower quality of life than terminally ill children.

Integrity is alive within #HWP

All the good things that are currently happening in the city!

Lightbulb moment re-holiday hunger and link to free school meals and poverty.

There are so many different initiatives going on in the city and lots of opportunities to do some partnership work to increase effectiveness of programmes.

To go for it!

Different partnerships and how they can work together.

How many people are delivering on this agenda, need to join.

Need to work together to make a change re obesity.

Dundee is a city full of opportunities. We can do this.

How all the small change can lead to significant changes and every little helps.

I got a really good idea of what programs are going on across town today.

Healthy weight is not about rocket science.

The scale of the challenge but more importantly the opportunities.

There is so many great things going on in the city already around health.

That this is a problem everybody has an interest and responsibility to address.

What else is going on and we need to work together!

How important being healthy is!

There is so much more out there, organisations community projects, than I first realised!

Strong connections are key and also networking opportunities are vital.

About a number of initiatives I was unaware of and have made connections.

What's happening, need to follow up and continue to connect.

To think further out of the box when it comes to obesity.

Lots of people looking to make a positive contribution.

The scale of Dundee's ambition on healthy weight.

So much about what is going on currently on the topic.

Mental health is having a massive impact on engaging people in healthy lifestyles.

Obesity epidemic all organisations to work together. Create opportunity.

That there are huge opportunities and people are keen to grab hold of them!

The work of Dundee Bairns.

That there is insufficient provision for children with obesity / overweight problem.

How much support as available to families across Dundee.

More about technology and design.

That is never too late to be inspired to create change.

We can all do things to educate our children at school and at home.

About the work of childhood obesity in Leeds.

That the idea of designing healthy weight in Dundee is positive but will need commitment of everyone involved.

There are many people from many backgrounds willing to be part of the movement.

Importance of creating a movement.

Nurses have higher weights levels compared with the population.

I learned that being overweight and tackling obesity is much more complex than I thought.

The breakout sessions, hearing about the great work in the city.

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