Participants were asked to pledge actions and initiatives to take this forward. These are shown below.


"After today, I will... 


Continue to be involved in and championing healthy weight – Dundee 

Make links with relevant initiatives that I have heard about today 

Encourage Dundee City Council to sign up to the Daily Mile for staff

Exercise more for me!  Challenge my colleagues regarding healthy meetings, healthy choices at meetings/vending 

Eat more home-made, sit less at work 

Walk more, reduce unhealthy snacks 

Link with other networks to encourage movement in change.  Starting with me….. adding more support or links for my families to access healthy eating 

Find ways to connect with healthy weight partners and consider Mental Health Issues surrounding obesity 

Look at the way I support the families I work with who have weight issues 

I pledge to advocate the need for “professional support” for Dundee take a Total Place/ Whole Systems approach to Healthy Weight which links to other health issues e.g. Mental Health 

Discuss what I have learnt today with other team members and friends 

Raise topics of healthy eating and exercise at local primary school parents groups 

Speak to other organisations not worked with before 

Continue to be open minded and challenge “traditional” ways of doing things 

Review policies/ guidelines to take into account how best to promote and embed HWB in my setting 

I will look at how our community garden can link up with other organisations.  Impact – community market 

Help connect people and ideas in the voluntary sector networks to strategic discussions about healthy weight actions 

Wear my badge, keep the conversation going 

Be more pro-active and make stronger connections to promote the work I do and make sure people know exactly what SM nutrition is all about – make key partners 

Be pro-active in promoting healthy living within the school community – using and building on the links I have made today 

Join the dots and make connections between different projects for Children and Families and how they influence healthy weight in Dundee 

Consider what the Health and Wellbeing Executive Board can do to break down the barriers so we go beyond conventional thinking and promote a movement and genuine effective collective action 

Share what I have learned today with my other networks and continue to engage with this group to facilitate change 

Contribute to future discussions to help shape the future obesity improvement agenda in the community 

Start a discussion with corporate services / meeting arrangers regarding us becoming a healthy meetings arranging organisation -  especially we need to be setting examples where under our control 

Start making connections with the public and voluntary organisations 

Try to make more connections with all the other organisations/ individuals in the room to take part in more cross partnership working 

Lead by example, share new learning and promote more positive choices in the workplace and personally 

Get involved and contribute to this movement in any way I can to improve the lives of my local community 

Blog about my reflections on the day.  Contact other local groups to feature in our newsletter and blog – showcase good examples! 

Write a blog to share with community, showcasing how technology/ gamification can help people live healthier lives 

Further develop LACD’s physical activity programme (Fitness) to provide more opportunity for those under 16 

Share learning from today with local food networks including, highlighting importance of technology and communication!

Use the fantastic support opportunities available in the community to help my patients make healthy family changes.  I will do this by signposting and referring on more 

Take back the information that I have learned today into school and look at our PSE programmes and add in more relevant topics about weight etc

Choose healthy options for myself and family 

Invite links I have met to team meetings to expand understanding and development of healthy weight in Dundee 

After today, take part in this movement, look into food law developments, promote healthy food environment in public sector, adopt whole systems thinking 

Have an opportunity to promote healthy living at an early intervention.  I recognise how all the small changes can lead to bigger sustainable changes 

Spread the work that we must tackle obesity now.  That we all will work together  to take the actions to make it happen, I shall document and show what I will do 

Be more motivated! 

Listen to service users and communities to develop green spaces in the city and make them usable 

Pursue healthy local food in all venues across Dundee

Access local produce, think more about what I eat and where I shop for the whole family, have made contact with many people and made connections which I will engage with in my day to day work 

Raise these issues at the next meeting of Dundee Cycling Forum; - how can cycling be part of the solution of ‘designing healthy weight’ in Dundee??  Raise these issues, especially lack of engagement in our schools, with a senior member of the Schools Directorate in Dundee 

Walk more, make healthier eating choices 

Use my position to advocate in support of all the organisations represented today who are facing organisational/ cultural barriers to their work

< my sedentary behaviour at work, wear my badge with pride 

Work to identify information that will aid healthy weight initiatives, and to share this as fully open and accessible data for all

Continue to deliver community cook-it to encourage others to deliver cooking skills courses that are following nutritional guidelines 

Continue to advocate for a health inequalities/ poverty response to promoting healthy weight in Dundee, in conjunction with population/ system wide approaches 

Join the dots and develop partnerships to integrate nutrition and physical activity 

From a personal perspective I will speak to local allotment owners about the potential to be part of this movement.  From a professional perspective I will champion this movement with the services I work with

Go back to work and feedback that weight is a complex thing.  It’s not about rocket science.  


Go back and reflect on the connections I made and make some calls to get collaboration working going.

Link with Dundee bairns to find out if there are opportunities to link. The provision of food with cooking together i.e. could families work for their ‘supper’

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Created 2017 for Designing Healthy Weight in Dundee by Open Change